!!!Hier Zombomusique!!!

1. - Airport Airport
2. - 400 Jahre
3. - Robot Show
4. - Tales of Vodoo Show
5. - Jaegershow
6. - Wrestling Show
7. - Zomboalm
8. - Ice ice baby
9. - Preacher intro
10. - Jeses mix
11. - Baby Boom
12. - Tuev Show Pt 1
13. - Tuev Show Pt 2
14. - Kloster St.Zombert
15. - Untertagebau Show
16. - Zombensteyn
17. - Pirates
18. - Heliopolis

Wasn ZomboCombo?

ZomboCombo© ist die neue Betonmischung aus DIY-Kunst, Trash, Show
und rutschfesten Kuriosa nach tanzpopulärer Art von Münchens
Kult-Diskjockeys POLLYester, Mooner, DJ Kaput und Kitt Bang gespielt!
Jeden 4.Freitag im Monat in der Münchner Registratur entstehen wilde
Themenabende, zu denen Freunde des Hauses und enfants terribles aus
der elektro-akustischen Szene Europas geladen werden.

Von und mit:

Dj Mooner (Erkrankung/Compost)
Kitt Bang (Rocktronic/Registratur)
POLLYester (Kamerakino, Convertible, Pollyester),
Dj Kaput (Rocktronic/Registratur).

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Article

Well, zombocombo is a monthly party with a theme, a motto.

We decorate the club and do a midnight show on the subject. The guests never know what is going to happen.

Often people find themselves participating or set into a situation where they get involved in scientific tests or end up following the pope out of the club around the block on a procession at the end of which a cow is being sacrificed to some absurd god. Always according to the theme of course.

One of our main characters is a concrete mixing machine called ZOMBOLA.

It looks like a disco mirror ball and it´s function is that of a tombola drum. We have balls with numbers inside and people can win prizes like screen printed clothes and useless things you can find at flea markets.

We have been doing this for 4 years now, once a month so I don´t even know where to start to describe what it´s all about but it´s the most unpredictable thing you can find in the club scene of -let´s say- Germany.

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